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About Me

I am in love with animals! I have been ever since I can remember. When I was a little girl I would go up to any dog  and pet it, still do.  I feel very strongly that animals are our little piece of heaven here on earth!  I am excited to spend time with, and take care of your wonderful furry family members!

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My services include daily walks, feeding, playing with your pet, grooming, med distribution, energy work (for nervous, or behavioral conditions) and clean-up. You can rely on me whether you’re away for a few hours, days or weeks. I  also provide daily dog-walking services, and pet taxi services.


I have been working with animals for over fifteen years. I am qualified to care for any type of pet, from babies to geriatric animals, and have excellent training in working with all types of personalities and temperaments. I care for dogs, cats, birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. I am experienced in administering meds, and am CPR trained. I am also trained in Reiki and Acupressure, specifically for animals.


Amy A.
July 22, 2015

I swear Farrah is an animal wisperer. I have an anxious dog who prefers other animals to people. He's not aggressive just a crabby old man. Farrah just waltzes in and animals flock to her like Snow White! She has this amazing energy and love that radiates over my furbabies. They love her. I'm so grateful to have someone like Farrah who I can trust in my home for simple walks or extended stays. Farrah is a true pro and we all love her! Thanks Farrah! Love, Amy, Dan, mojo, libby and penny!

Emily C.
July 10, 2015

Farrah has cared for my dog (Chow), cat, and bird for many years, and has also stayed in my home while I have traveled on extended vacations. I cannot think of anyone in my life, including myself, who has such deep love, empathy, and affection for animals of all kinds. I know that she gives them even better care than I often do - longer walks, longer snuggles, animal massage, and has a keen intuitive understanding of their needs. I trust her implicitly with my home as well, and have always been grateful to return to a tidy home, with my mail brought in, my plants watered, and dishes washed. I refer everyone I know to her services, and will always go to her first anytime I need caring for my pets... she is the best you could ever hope to find!

"Thanks again for taking such great care of Grace, Biimi and Wicket while I was gone. They were soooo calm when I came home.
They aren't even that calm when I come home after a typical work day! Whatever you did was more effective on combating
their separation anxiety then all of the suggestions I've implemented from working with trainers over the past 6 months.
I was really impressed with whatever Farrah did. I'll have to ask, maybe she should start a training company!"
Thanks, Colette. Minneapolis.

"Farrah is a total natural with animals. She was there the first day I got my girl dog Lulu and has been like a second mother to my dog ever since, about four years total. Lulu was a pound puppy, and when we got her she was VERY nervous and hyperactive, with lots of food anxiety at first and Farrah was instrumental in soothing and reassuring Lulu into a far more well adjusted dog.
Farrah has taken our two dogs for walks and in house dog sat many times, for as long as nearly a month. Each time we have returned to a clean house and them just as happy and healthy as we left them. Both of our dogs sequel and whine and dance around when she comes to visit, even though we now live in different states and they only see her about once a year!  You will be hard pressed to choose a more loving and lovable dog walker and sitter for your furry friends."
from the desk of
Jess Erin Coulson
Albuquerque, NM

, Minneapolis, MN

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